MIRAcle Consumption Voucher Rewards

In support of the Government’s consumption voucher scheme, Mira Plus members can enjoy an extra 10% discount@ from August 1 to December 31, 2021  at Cuisine Cuisine (Central), The French Window and Assaggio Trattoria Italiana via Alipay HK, WeChat Pay HK and Octopus, in addition to member card discount*or voucher offers#.

To complement the scheme, Miramar Group debuts its  “MIRAcle Consumption Voucher Rewards”, putting forward an array of exclusive promotions and privileges via its shopping mall, hotel, dining and travel businesses, delighting discerning guests with lifestyle experiences through a “mirathon” of exciting offers. 

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* Mira Plus member card discount is eligible for designated period, please refer to Mira Plus year-round offers for details. 

Other than the designated period in which member card discount applies, Mira Plus members can still enjoy 10% discount when using Alipay HK, WeChat Pay HK or Octopus payment during August 1 – December 31, 2021.

# Only applicable to those vouchers that can be used in tandem with member card discount.

@ Extra 10% discount does not apply to service charge, tea and condiments.

為響應政府電子消費券派發,由2021年8月1日至12月31日,Mira Plus會員於國金軒 (中環), The French Window及Assaggio Trattoria Italiana消費可享會員卡折扣*或會員禮券優惠外#,以指定電子消費模式Alipay HK、WeChat Pay HK或八達通消費更可獲額外九折@


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* Mira Plus會員卡折扣優惠只適用於指定時段,詳情請參閱會員全年優惠。

在非會員卡折扣優惠指定時段,於2021年8月1日至12月31日使用Alipay HK、WeChat Pay HK或八達通消費仍可享九折優惠。

# 只適用於可與會員卡折扣同時使用的禮券。

@ 九折優惠不適用於茶芥及加一服務費。

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